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eugene kan

Download Wallpaper: Hong Kong by Eugene Kan

We’re excited to present this week’s downloadable wallpaper. Photographed by our friend Eugene Kan, he explains why he selected this image for our photo series, “If Hong Kong had to embody one literary term, it would be juxtaposition. Every where you look there is a strong contrast between old and new, rich and poor. It’s seen over buildings, people, food, you name it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these hyper contrasts are crucial to helping you distinguish the beauty at opposite sides of the spectrum.” Download this photo for your desktop ”http://www.villaventure.com/wjskan.zip" target="_blank">here. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience. Also, for additional information about the series click Read More.

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ecru cafe and bar

Ecru Cafe wears its heart on its sleeve. The quaint spot uses a tactic all cafe and bars should employ – large windows! Nothing’s better than walking through a city and seeing an atmospheric coffee shop on the horizon with a warm drink waiting inside for you. That’s the real brillance of Hajime Mizutani’s shop design. The small cafe is minimal with its focus on the drinks and people. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s really clean. And frankly, we can’t argue with that because when we visit a coffee shop those are our primary interests too. Below we’ve posed a few photos of Ecru Cafe and Bar located in Fukuoka, Japan. Stop by if you find yourself in the city looking for an esspresso and good conversation. Click Read More additional information.

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brandon king tokyo

Download Wallpaper: Tokyo by Brandon King

Each day we work to provide you with an image, a sentence or an idea that inspires you to travel. And today, we present the start of our downloadable wallpaper series. In December we curated a travel gallery for our friend Nalden and the response was terrific. So we wanted to offer these images as downloadable wallpaper for our readers with the hope of providing you with a bit of travel inspiration each day.

To kick off the weekly series we’re starting with a photograph of Tokyo shot by Brandon King. Finding an intangible beauty in the smallest details, his work moves us to travel and see the world, even if it’s just a few feet outside our door. We spoke with Brandon about his image of Tokyo and asked him to describe what he saw when he took the picture, “This is one scene that begs to be photographed. I was attracted to the way it fades from calm & order at the top to a colorful chaos down below.” Download this photo for your desktop by clicking above. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience.

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nan zhou

Written by Catzie Vilayphonh: Perhaps it’s the fault of Campbell’s manufacturing that soup is overlooked as a full meal. Yet for many Asian cultures, soup, especially the kind accompanied by noodles, is so prevalent it’s served as breakfast, lunch and dinner at establishments that serve just that. While the Japanese have a monopoly on perfecting the ramen (the film Tampopo is a prime example of this), a discussion about Vietnamese cuisine is incomplete without a bowl of pho. The latter has been my usual go-to for soup cravings, but when I’m too lazy to flavor my broth my next favorite is noodle soup from the Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House in Philadelphia’s Chinatown…

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creators inn

I found this in our City Notes and had to shine more light on it. Creators Inn is a brilliant example of how brands can connect with their audience in new and memorable ways. Started by <a href=“http://www.elvine.se/” target"_blank">Elvine, a swedish clothing label, and Next Century Modern, a design agency, they created a project that offers free short-term hotel accommodations for visiting creators. As they explain, “An overnight at Creators Inn offers all the standard features and comfort associated with a modern hotel but the crucial difference is that you as a guest do not have to pay anything. It’s totally free. No hidden fees.” Their aim is to promote the local area and give something back to traveling creators. Visit their site for more information.

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curry up nigo

Curry Up is a wonderful food spot located in between Harajuku & Sendagaya, Japan. In less then a year it’s gained a strong following and continues to grow in popularity. This isn’t surprising considering it’s the brainchild of consummate entrepreneur, Nigo. Drawing from his usual stable of talent, he partnered with Masamichi Katayama for the restaraunt’s design and build out. The result was an efficient space for good food and traditional open kitchen cooking. If you find yourself in Tokyo stop by Curry Up for a range of tasty dishes. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Get ready to get lost. These photos will instantly transport you to a remote desert location. Somewhere in The Middle of Nowhere is a beautiful collection of images shot in Egypt by photographer Chris Sisarich. While on assignment for a tourism campaign he filled his free time by continuing to shoot the country’s empty and barren landscapes. As he explains, “It was hard to tell whether I was looking at all that’s left after a futile attempt at taming the desert, or witnessing the first tentative steps towards creating somewhere people can live. These are spaces defined by their negative space, blessed with light – which is sliding in from all directions.” Click Read More to view a sampling of the images and for more information.

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