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the border by victoria sambunaris

Camping in America’s southern region is a humbling experience. The unforgiving terrain can leave the most experienced camper lost. It’s vast. It’s filled with dangerous animals and it’s desolate. But none of these factors stopped Victoria Sambunaris from spending two years camping and photographing her experience along the US Mexican border.

In anticipation of her show at Yancey Richardson Gallery, Wallpaper Magazine* reviewed her work. As they described, “The places themselves are jaw-droppingly vast, and Sambunaris’ treatment of this is skillfull, if not powerful – no mean feat, if you consider the all too real threat of grizzly bears, rattlesnakes, and other such questionable encounters." If you’re in New York City, Victoria’s work will be on display at the Yancey Richardson Gallery until April 9, 2011. Below we’ve posted a few images from her exhibit.

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berlinscapes tuca vieira

At the end of March, 1500 Gallery is hosting an exciting new exhibit by award winning Brazilian photographer, Tuca Vieira. Berlinscapes is a beautiful photographic journey by Vieira displaying the interesting and complex architectural landscapes of Berlin. Dubbed, Germany meets Brazil, Vieira put his own spin on the way the city was photographed. Shooting mostly at night, he strove to, “…highlight the contrasts and juxtapositions of ‘old Berlin’ and ‘new Berlin’, revealing traces of not only divergent prosperity, but also the great battles for territorial and ideological conquest that caused it.” The exhibit starts March 30 at the 1500 Gallery in New York City. We have more photos and details listed below.

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pierre siedel

No matter what city we land in, we always search for their public transportation. It’s like a right of passage. It doesn’t feel right until we’ve traveled on some form of mass transit; especially their underground systems. It’s the best way to connect with the vibe of a metropolis. Observing people moving around like schools of fish make us feel like we’re part of the bigger picture. That’s why we had to write about Pierre Siedel’s work. His ability to capture people in the midst of this movement is really interesting.

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karl hab

Download Wallpaper: Paris by Karl Hab

This week we present another fantastic photograph for our wallpaper series. Karl Hab documents the wonderful and exciting Parisian world. From street fashion to hotels, retail installations to architecture, Karl has shot it all. His work is truly brilliant. For our series, Karl sent over the above image of Paris’ Nomiya Restaurant as it sits atop the Palais de Tokyo in France. When we asked him about the image he responded, “That’s the new Paris!” We love it. Download it for your desktop here. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience.

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Corinne Vionnet

The work of Corinne Vionnet is genius. It reminds us of a sci-fi article we read claiming humans will eventually operate like one unified brain – thinking alike and acting alike. With the invent of the internet we’re definitely moving in that direction. The interwebs reinforce commonalities with just a few key strokes. Proof of this can be seen in Corrine’s work. What looks like a faded image painted on canvas is actually hundreds of photos carefully layered showing how travelers and tourists photographed the same famous landmark with striking similarity in perspective. As Modern Met reports, “After conducting an online keyword search and sitting through photo sharing sites, this Swiss/French artist carefully layers 200 to 300 photos on top of one another until she gets the desired result.” Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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oil edward burtynsky

There are plenty of graphs and charts dedicated to educating people about oil. They predict. They forecast. They measure. But few articulate its impact like the photographic work of Edward Burtynsky. The Canadian photographer spent 10 years traveling the world documenting oil’s process from mining fields to cities and suburbs. As Edward states, “These images are meant as metaphors to the dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear.” He also addresses the coming “end of oil,” as we confront its rising cost and dwindling availability. Check out his award winning book on the subject and click Read More for a selection of photos.

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eugene kan

Download Wallpaper: Hong Kong by Eugene Kan

We’re excited to present this week’s downloadable wallpaper. Photographed by our friend Eugene Kan, he explains why he selected this image for our photo series, “If Hong Kong had to embody one literary term, it would be juxtaposition. Every where you look there is a strong contrast between old and new, rich and poor. It’s seen over buildings, people, food, you name it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these hyper contrasts are crucial to helping you distinguish the beauty at opposite sides of the spectrum.” Download this photo for your desktop ”http://www.villaventure.com/wjskan.zip" target="_blank">here. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience. Also, for additional information about the series click Read More.

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Featured in: WJS FEATURES / Categories: photography, people, places, wallpaper

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