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lan architecture projects

Architecture fans get ready for a dose of travel inspiration thanks to two architects, a graphic designer and a filmmaker. We recently discovered 27 – a journey into the heart of contemporary European Architecture. It’s a project that combines various media forms to tell a story of the people and places making the Europe of tomorrow. By visiting 27 countries, 27 cultures and 27 different architecture firms the project shows how each builds according to their own rules and their own history while giving contribution for the construction of a common space: Europe. We’ve posted a teaser video below, but check out their beautifully designed site to keep up with the project as they unfold each interview.

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hadid opera house china

Zaha Hadid and her architectural firm keep innovating. The recent opening of the Guangzhou Opera House in China was met with praise and celebration. Jonathan Glancey from the UK’s Guardian attended the opening and caught up with Zaha for a brief conversation about the opera house and its conceptual beginnings. From all angles, the structure is unapologetically Hadid. Reminiscent of her other works, it’s interesting to hear how she considers the functionality and tradition of the space while still maintaining her powerful branding. Click Read More for additional information and to view the video.

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Our office playlist has a few new sounds thanks to Quadron. The Danish duo’s latest EP, The Average Fruit Remixes draws on inspiration from their fans by asking them to help with production duties. As they describe it, “We’re so appreciative of our fans so we created this remix contest for Average Fruit to make them a part of our story. We received submissions literally from all of over the world and our fans REALLY showed up! It was difficult to choose the winner because they were all so great, but a few stood out.” We love the tracks they selected. Be sure to check out The Average Fruit Remixes. You can also catch Quadron on tour this year with Raphael Saadiq, Fitz & The Tantrums and at SXSW.

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roderick alan

Download Wallpaper: Santa Monica by Roderick Hunt

We’re excited to present this week’s travel inspired wallpaper. Just in time for spring, Roderick Hunt’s image of Santa Monica will usher in thoughts of nicer weather and relaxation. We found the view simply stunning. As Rod explains , “Palisades Park provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s in between the sandstone cliffs above California’s PCH & Ocean Avenue in the city of Santa Monica, CA.” Be sure to check out Rod’s site for his latest images of Los Angeles and other areas in Southern California. Download it for your desktop here. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience. Also, for additional information about the series click Read More.

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victoria herrera

Download Wallpaper: Paris by Victoria Herrera

This week’s travel inspired wallpaper is brought to you by our friend Victoria Herrera. The multi-talented writer, model and radio show host is an inspiration. Based in the Philippines, her work takes her all over the world. For our wallpaper series she sent over the above picture of Paris. As she describes, “It’s a breathtaking view of the city from a ferris wheel ride in the Jardin du Tulleries.” Download it for your desktop here. The file includes various desktop sizes for your convenience. Also, for additional information about the series click Read More.

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jr ted talks

Fully committing to an idea is hard. Even harder is reducing an idea to its simplest form so it can spread and reach others. Thats what we admire most about JR’s work. His up-close-in-your-face photography has given a voice to the voiceless and empowered people with control of their own story.

This year JR was awarded the 2011 TED Prize for his exceptional work and he spoke about the art he produced around the world. We could go on to describe it, but JR does it best. The only thing that matches his charisma and enthusiasm is the beauty of his large-format photography placed in the most unexpected places. Click Read More to watch his TED Talk. We also have additional photos of his work that he pasted throughout LA while in town for the presentation.

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pierre siedel

No matter what city we land in, we always search for their public transportation. It’s like a right of passage. It doesn’t feel right until we’ve traveled on some form of mass transit; especially their underground systems. It’s the best way to connect with the vibe of a metropolis. Observing people moving around like schools of fish make us feel like we’re part of the bigger picture. That’s why we had to write about Pierre Siedel’s work. His ability to capture people in the midst of this movement is really interesting.

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