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Sergey Neamoscou

Sergy Neamoscou’s photography is soothing. In today’s world of high-gloss imagery, it’s nice to see photos that rally imperfection and display something beautiful. His work is like listening to vinyl. There’s a thriving rhythm, but under an analog hum Sergy finds a way to slow things down so you pay attention to every part. This is most noticeable in his collection of subway photographs. We’ve selected a few images to give you a taste of his work. Click Read More to view.

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kehinde wiley

Kehinde Wiley is a master of color and culture. Known for his portraitures of young black and brown males, his unique expression makes his work memorable. It resonates. Sure there’s the obvious attributes that scream for attention. It could be the bright and beautifully placed colors, or the contemporary youth posing in ways influenced by the old renaissance – either way it’ll grab your attention. But in our opinion, the most compelling aspect of his work is the way his subjects look back at you. There’s something about their gaze that paints the intangible. It’s emotional, thought-provoking and perhaps the most subtle beauty of his work. If you find yourself in New York anytime soon, we highly recommend checking out his latest exhibition entitled The World Stage Series at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery. We have a few photos from the exhibit posted below.

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jeffrey milstein

A plane’s flight recorder is an important part of air travel. But it’s also something we hope is never used. Just the mention of a black box summons thoughts of tragedy, so it’s hard to look at the device as a thing of beauty. However, Jeffrey Milstein’s photography finds a way to put the flight recorder front-and-center among our fears, curiosities and fascinations. His imagery shows the object’s durability which unlocks its beautiful purpose to provide information that could be used to prevent a tragedy from happening in the future. We have a few photos from his collection posted below. Click Read More to view.

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never sorry

Acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei, his assistants and wife were arrested last Sunday while attempting to board a flight to Hong Kong in Beijing. While his assistants and wife have been released, Ai Weiwei is sadly still missing. The Chinese police have not provided any indication of his whereabouts or why he is being detained.

Over the last 30 years Ai has been a powerful force in the art world and has also been an outspoken critic of the Chinese government. While many speculate that he’s received “leeway” for his criticism over the years due to his global popularity and family ties – his father is a famous Chinese poet – it appears that that time has come to an end. We sincerely hope that Ai Weiwei is safely released. Just before reading about the news of his detention, we came across a great Q&A with Alison Klayman, Director of the upcoming documentary film Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Check it out for more information about this influential artist.

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Eduardo Souto de Moura

We love these images of Porto, Portugal’s subway system designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura – this year’s Pritzker Prize winner. There’s a lot of discussion about Eduardo’s award. One of the most interesting comes from Architizer. As they point out, “A relatively unknown Portuguese architect, working mainly within his own country and almost entirely within the Continental sphere, has won architecture’s highest honor. Localism is back. Our question? Is the Pritzker Jury’s mission to promote regionalism the nostalgic ramblings of a group of luddites, or, alternatively, the brave promotion of meaning, value-systems, and thought (zing!) in architecture?” Personally, we like the idea that architects are being encouraged to tell the long story of a culture through their work, whether they are from the culture or have lived there for a very long time. Below we have a few photos of Porto, Portugal’s subway station. Click Read More to view.

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starbucks b sides

Hiroshi Fujiwara adds his distinctive cool to Starbucks by renovating one of their most popular cafes in Harajuku, Tokyo. His talent for minimal design ushers in a modern aesthetic by tastefully combining industrial elements with more natural ones. The timing is perfect too. Just a few weeks ago, Starbucks dropped the name from its acclaimed logo and opted for a minimal icon-only reincarnation. Below we have a few photos from the interior of the Harajuku Cafe. Next time you’re in Tokyo check it out. Click Read More for additional information to view the photos.

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adam chang taiwan

Download Wallpaper: Taiwan by Adam Chang

This week’s travel inspired wallpaper comes courtesy of Adam Chang – a brilliant photographer and art director at NY-based design studio Same Tomorrow. As an avid traveler, Adam submitted the above photo of Taiwan and provided a few words. “The photo was taken in a temple located just outside of Ping Tung. This area of Taiwan doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour of Taipei but it definitely has a couple of unique sights such as this place where the roof is supposedly made of gold.” We love this photo and hope it provides a bit of travel inspiration for you. Download the wallpaper here. In the file, we’ve included multiple sizes for your convenience. Also keep up to date with Adam’s travels here and here. Click Read More for additional information about our wallpaper series.

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