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iceland invites

While most tourism-boards attempt to craft clever promotions to lure travelers, there’s nothing like actual residents opening their doors and inviting you to experience their home in a unique way. It’s sincere and it’s welcoming. It makes you want to visit. That’s what Iceland is doing. Their Inspired by Iceland campaign brilliantly brings together local residents, the president and other government officials to send a simple message – “Come to our home and let us show you what Iceland has to offer.”

Last week, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson kicked off the campaign by inviting tourists into his home for pancakes, whipped cream and rhubarb jam. He’s also encouraging citizens to join the movement and invite visitors for an experience unique to Iceland. As Frosti Jonsson who has agreed to open his home says, “We are very proud to be Icelandic and we are very happy to share our way of life and our country’s beauty to adventurers that choose to visit us. We want to make their experience as real as possible; we want them to ‘be Icelandic’ while they’re here.” This seems like an awesome way to experience Iceland. Click Read More for additional information and to view the President’s short message. Also, don’t forget to visit Inspired by Iceland to view Icelanders’ invitations to experience the country like a local.

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tokyo slo mode

Tokyo’s rhythm is hypnotic. The city beats like a metronome. That’s why we love this video by Alex Lee. Armed with his Canon T3i he created a fantastic slow-motion ode to Japan. In the video he highlights everything from architecture and cityscapes, to everyday people and culture. Watch it once and you’ll feel like you visited. It has all the things that make Japan one of our favorite places. And, to top it off, Alex edited these visuals to the beautiful sounds of Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke. It doesn’t get better than that. Click Read More to view the video and a few stills.

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wale oyejide

Wale Oyejide lives in four dimensions. He’s a lawyer, singer, artist and fashion maven who refuses to leave any experience on the table. He wants it all, and we believe he’ll get it. Recently, we caught up with Wale to discuss travel and the launch of his site, LessGentleMen. It’s a wonderful resource for style and inspiration. As Wale describes it, “The site is all about the unbridled hubris of the ever-evolving man.” Click Read More to view the entire interview.

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kaws at honor fraser

Kaws is prolific. Over the past year we’ve seen everything from product and hotel collaborations to impressive installations worldwide. His latest exhibit is among our favorites. Hold the Line at Honor Fraser beautifully displays Kaws stylized adaptations of visual icons in American animation. It’s on show until October 22nd, and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Click Read More for a closer look and additional information.

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sarah kim

Four days after graduation Sarah Kim left California and moved to New York City to become a stylist. The first year was hard, but she found her footing and landed a job with Carlos Campos. There, she was exposed to many sides of the fashion industry and realized her interests expanded beyond styling. The world of editorial caught her eye and soon she navigated her way to becoming a Fashion Assistant and Editor at Antenna Magazine.

On a warm summer evening we caught up with Sarah in Soho to discuss work and her experiences traveling. As she describes it, “When I look back and think about being in New York and working at Antenna, if you told me a few years ago that I would be here, I would have never believed you. I was set on being a stylist and all those experiences brought me to becoming an editor at a great magazine where I get to travel, meet interesting people and write stories that I’m excited about.” Click Read More to view the entire interview.

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crowd sourcing adam magyar

Crowds can be chaotic, disorienting and strangely beautiful. The images created by Adam Magyar demonstrate this in an unique way. It looks like his overhead photography captures scenes from a busy open square, but the truth is, none of these places exist. All the images are created by layering sets of individual photos over and over until they resemble a bird’s eye view of a busy crowd. It’s interesting to notice how the slightest uniformity in the crowd’s formation suggest that it’s not real. We really enjoyed this series. Click Read More to view.

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pauline egge

Petite Passport is a brilliant collection of locations by Pauline Egge, one of our favorite travel journalists. Since 2006 she’s written about travel hotspots for an impressive roster of magazines including Red, Glamour and Marie Claire. But, because print publishing lacks the speed and spontaneity of the web, she created Petite Passport to keep an up-to-date catalog of all the spots she’s been to, wants to go to, or generally finds interesting. As she describes it, “It’s my little black book full of addresses. It’s a wish list and also a review of places I actually visited.” Recently we caught up with Pauline to discuss travel and her fantastic site. Click Read More to view.

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