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design museum

London’s Design Museum recently opened their exciting new exhibit, Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things. It tells the story of daily items and their subtle impact on the modern world. Each of these items are unsung heroes. They’re the ones that we can’t live without, but may have overlooked because they do their job so efficiently. Organized by London designer Gitta Gschwendtner, ESOT provides a quick snapshot of the importance of product design and its history. In a conversation with Dezeen, the Director of the Design Museum states, “Design matters at every level. It is what makes daily life a little better; it is about the big economic changes that the world is going through. It is about the designers and the manufacturers, but it is also about the users. It is a unique way of making sense of the world around us.” We’ve posted a few images and details below. Click Read More to view.

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the barnes foundation

In the midst of drama, politics and artful intrigue, The Barnes Foundation opened in Philadelphia with grand flare. Once located in Lower Merion, Albert C. Barnes’ impressive collection – including Picassos, Renoirs and Matisses – was transferred to a new home on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Center City, Philadelphia. Housed in a beautiful structure designed by architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsie, visitors are treated to a modern interpretation of museum culture while its interior mimics the original set up of its former location. Dating back to the early 1920s, The Barnes stands for the promotion of education and the appreciation of the arts and horticultural sciences, through the preservation, presentation, and interpretation of their incredible collection. Hopefully, the foundation’s new location and management will continue this tradition and ensure that the art inside is seen by a wide and diverse audience now that it’s in a prime location for locals and travelers alike. We’ve posted a few photos below. Click Read More to view.

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cloud city

Each year New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art greets summer with outstanding rooftop installations. Matching creative art with sweeping city views, the museum wows guests with its inspiring exhibits. From Jeff Koons to Roxy Paine, we’ve enjoyed the varying range of installations. This year, Argentina’s Tomás Saraceno holds center court with an impressive display of ingenuity and architectural might. Cloud City is a collage of mirrored pods imitating natural shapes akin to clouds and water drops. As the museum describes, “Saraceno has established a practice of constructing habitable networks based upon complex geometries and interconnectivity that merge art, architecture, and science. The interdisciplinary project Cloud Cities/Air Port City is rooted in the artist’s investigation of expanding the ways in which we inhabit and experience our environment.” The exhibit is on show from now until November 4, 2012. Be sure to stop by next time you’re in New York City. We posted a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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kaap skil

The days of creating boring museums are long gone. Cities, curators and architects are increasingly teaming up to plan exciting institutions for visitors. And throughout the world, it feels like each opening raises the bar a little more. The range of topics is wider and the buildings housing these ideas are fascinating. One example is the recent opening of the Kaap Skil – Maritime and Beachcombers Museum – on the Dutch island of Textel. Designed by Mecanoo Architects, it houses artifacts from the 1700s capturing the history of the island when ships from the Dutch East India Company were sailing off to the Orient in search of spices. We have a few pics posted below. Click Read More to view.

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staedel museum

Clever architecture provides a beautiful solution for one of Germany’s oldest museums. Established in 1815, Frankfurt’s Städel is home to masterworks from Holbein, Rembrandt, Matisse, Picasso and many other legendary artists. So when the museum needed more space, they partnered with Schneider + Schumacher to create an underground expansion that offers a touch of futurism to the aging museum. Nearly doubling the space, the new gallery houses Städel’s contemporary works and is illuminated by natural light through 195 skylights, which also creates an amazing pattern on the garden’s lawn. We’ve posted a few photos below. Click Read More to view.

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new museum giant slide

New York’s New Museum recently added an exciting component to its exhibits. It’s a slide – a huge slide that runs from the 4th floor to the 2nd with enough twists and turns to spark anyone’s interest. It’s undeniable that slides are fun, and we have to admit, it feels like they plucked this one straight from our dreams. The Carsten Höller slide is open to the public with other interactive works until January 15, 2012. If you’re in New York City we recommend checking it out. Click Read More for additional information.

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hong kong heritage museum

For 30 years the British Council collected an elaborate body of work from 1,650 artists who were all native to Britain. Armed with the mission to protect and promote the visual arts, the council is taking selected works from this collection on tour. Their most recent stop is at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum for an exhibit entitled Made in Britain featuring artists like Damien Hirst, Richard Wright, Sarah Lucas, Peter Diog and more. The show is on display until October 9, 2011. If you’re in the area we highly recommend checking it out. Click Read More for a closer look.

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