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Places to Shop: Pro QM Berlin

Although the number of community bookstores is shrinking, the ones that continue to exist often serve as a cultural epicenter. They’re a meeting place where conversations move from the pages of publications to community members and so on. In Berlin, Pro QM lives up to the strictest manifesto of a cultural center.

Established in 1999, Pro QM bookstore hosts art installations, community events, city debates and more. The store’s layout facilitates conversation and movement so you can comfortably move around and browse the books and magazines. After all, aside from the community activity, the store is most known for its diverse selection of publications ranging from art and design to economic critique to politics and pop. Located near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, we recommend visiting Pro QM. Click Read More for additional information and photos…

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Places to See: Bermuda in February

Bermuda is another world, Seven hundred miles of sea, And the way the people greet you, Is like a perfect melody….” These are the lyrics you’ll hear as you enter the arrival hall at Bermuda airport. Although most people aren’t planning their trips now – off season is one of the best times to visit, especially if you’re a golfer.

Bermuda offers a wide variety of accommodations, which range from full-service resort hotels with spas, swimming pools and beach-front views to tiny guest houses and uniquely Bermudian cottage colonies. Our favorite place to stay is Elbow Beach Hotel. Voted as one of Fodor’s best beach resorts, the hotel boast great views, top notch service and the best white cheddar bacon cheeseburgers we’ve ever had.

Also, Bermuda is a golf paradise. Its subtropical climate and moderate temperatures allow golf to be played all year round. However, in the summer, temps can get a little steamy so February is perfect for 18 holes of uncrowded fun. In fact, Bermuda is known for organizing “thrice-weekly tournaments for visitors between November and March at course like Port Royal.” (via)

Overall, Bermuda is 22 square miles of breathtaking beauty. It certainly is another world.

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Places to See: 53 for 2008

2008 is moving too fast. Can you believe January is coming to an end? With that said, we’re still reflecting on last year and trying to set our eyes on new challenges.

Recently, we revisited one of our favorite articles from the New York Times. Denny Lee compiled a list of 53 places you have to visit in 2008. Whether you enjoy the nightlife of Miami Beach, the picturesque terrain of Death Valley or skiing on gorgeous slopes in the French village of Courchevel – the New York Times Travel List has covered every possible type of adventure. The photos alone re-inspired our excitement for the new year.

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Places to See: San Francisco Hills

Want to know San Francisco? Visit its hills. San Francisco’s 43 “official hills” provide sweeping views of the city’s layout. Ranging in elevation from 100 to 927 feet, each hill provides a unique & intimate look at one of America’s greatest cities.

GridSkipper compiled a handful of the best hills to visit next time you’re in town. They include Tank Hill, Vermont Street, Fort Point, Filbert Street and our favorite, Corona Heights Park. The collection is outlined on Google Maps with a picture and brief description. Be sure to check it out. Through the hills you can witness San Francisco’s deep culture, history and neighborhoods.

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Places to See: Park City & Sundance

What’s better than new films and great travel? Utah’s Sundance Film Festival is right around the corner. Starting January 17th, Sundance will feature 200 films from writers, directors and actors coming together from all parts of the world.

For us, film and travel are addictions. There’s nothing like watching a preview and feeling the anticipation of a film’s release. But don’t wait for the preview, Sundance provides the early opportunity to discover new films and enjoy the beautiful location of Park City, Utah…

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The Solutionary Motor Scooter

The way we travel says a lot. A recent article published by the New York Times analyzes Iraq’s sudden increase in motor scooter use. It also offers an astute look into everyday life as an Iraqi.

As tensions flare due to the war, traffic jams, threats of car bombs and other system failures, the scooter has risen as an unexpected response to the tension. According to the article, the scooter’s appeal stems from several factors. The most notable being its cost effectiveness, ability to detract attention from both militia and checkpoint guards, as well as allowing riders to swiftly navigate lenghty traffic jams.

The NY Times describes it best when they say, “Every day, more cars venture onto Baghdad’s dust-choked streets, adding to epic traffic jams and sending blood-pressure levels through the roof, as drivers spew invective, gesticulate wildly and steadfastly ignore any and all driving laws. But tens of thousands of Baghdadis have found an antidote in the venerable motor scooter.” This article is a great read – be sure to check it out. Also, click read more for additional photos and information. We’ve listed a few of our favorite quotes from the article with a picture of our choice scooter – the honda ruckus.

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Places to Eat: Edible Magazine

By Guest Writer Heather Hoskeer: The first issue of Edible Brooklyn I picked up had a photo of a man in a sleeveless tee-shirt, standing proudly behind a whole pig roasting on a spit in the driveway in front of his garage on the cover. That photo was so evocative of the hidden, delightful and slightly strange Brooklyn that is endearing and yet so difficult to describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. I was even happier to learn, upon reading this issue, that Edible Brooklyn is not just another pretty food magazine (though it is full of beautiful, mouthwatering photos). Edible Brooklyn is devoted to providing a forum for issues, information, news and stories relating to sustainable food and agriculture (yes, agriculture) in Brooklyn…

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