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move eat learn

With just three videos three guys persuasively capture what it means to live. In their words Move Eat Learn chronicles 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, two cameras and almost a terabyte of footage, turning three ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food into three beautiful and hopefully compelling short films. Click Read More to view the videos and photos.

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museum of the african diaspora

San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora is an incredible learning institution. Since 2005, MoAD has served as an invaluable resource by being the only museum in the world solely focused on showcasing the rich African Diaspora culture. Through traditional and innovative exhibitions, educational programs and workshops for adults and kids, MoAD offers a myriad of opportunities to learn and enjoy the culture and history of the African Diaspora and the communities of people of African descent across the world. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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philippine fashion

The world overlooks fashion & design emerging from Southeast Asia. But no longer, it’s time to pay closer attention to the region’s creative impact. For example, fourteen years into its existence, Philippine Fashion Week is gaining international momentum and developing its own unique imprint on the industry. The event occurs twice a year (May & October), and shows collections from both independent designers and larger brands.

We caught up with Victoria Herrera – model & journalist – to briefly discuss her observations at this year’s Fashion week. As she explains, “For local designers, inspiration stemmed from traditional Filipino costumes and fabrics, to island inspired aesthetics. There were European influences and some use of trendier cuts. I also saw smaller brands pushing to match the quality of bigger global retail giants. Each year the event grows and rises to meet international standards. One of the best ways to keep up with it is through sites like ”http://philippinefashion.tumblr.com" target="_blank">Philippine Fashion. It’s a photo blog designed to shed light on the event from a very intimate perspective. The blog highlights moments otherwise missed. From rehearsals to backstage moments, you get an insider’s look." Below we have a sample of images from this year’s fashion week, but be sure to check out Philippine Fashion for the full effect.

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housemaid film

We’re really excited about The Housemaid – a new film from South Korean director, IM Sang-soo. It’s the story of Eun-yi, a young woman who is hired by an affluent family and quickly becomes embroiled in the complicated drama of their home after being seduced by the man of the house.

The Housemaid is an excellent examination of class in modern South Korea. The lush cinematography gives viewers a glimpse of a world and a culture that’s still emerging. The film will be available for instant viewing on IFC Films On Demand and will be playing in New York at the Lincoln Center Cinemas and the IFC Center January 21. We highly recommend checking it out. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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haenyeo women divers korea

I’m mesmerized by the Haenyeo Divers. I learned about them while reading Culture & Travel and since then have followed them closely. The female diving group – mostly senior in age – dives off the shores of Jeju Island to collect octopus and have been diving there for nearly three centuries. Sadly, rough economic times have shrunk their numbers and they’re only a fraction of what they once were. But, their ageless beauty still remains. View this beautiful sampling of images by photographer Nathan Keirn. And while you’re at it check out his entire flickr collection – it’s packed with tons of travel inspiration.

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paris women baudouin

Paris. There are so many ways to admire its beauty. There’s the art, the architecture, the city-scape, the museums and of course their women. But it’s not just the women – it’s their undeniable stye, attitude and taste that drive everything. Need proof? Take a look at Baudouin’s I am a Parisian Lady.

As he describes: “World feminine myth, the Parisian lady is renowned to be an icon of elegance and of savoir vivre. Often dreamt but rarely unveiled; these women are a mystery for all. We all have our own vision of the Parisian lady but everybody got it wrong. Hence, I engaged in a photographic process of ‘Les Parisiennes’ to unveil this myth, or at least to lighten it up or to update it.” Click Read More for a sample of Baudouin’s excellent collection.

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sao paulo

Wallpaper* Magazine has an incredible video series entitled City Short. Each provide an intimate look into places like Rotterdam and Seoul. For their latest edition they visit São Paulo where they commissioned award winning film-maker Marcelo Galvão to interview some of the city’s leading creatives. The list includes architect Leticia Nobell, designer Humberto Campaña and many others as they discuss the topic of what São Paulo means to them. Trust us, every shot from this video will make you want to visit. Click Read More to view the video.

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