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design museum

London’s Design Museum recently opened their exciting new exhibit, Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things. It tells the story of daily items and their subtle impact on the modern world. Each of these items are unsung heroes. They’re the ones that we can’t live without, but may have overlooked because they do their job so efficiently. Organized by London designer Gitta Gschwendtner, ESOT provides a quick snapshot of the importance of product design and its history. In a conversation with Dezeen, the Director of the Design Museum states, “Design matters at every level. It is what makes daily life a little better; it is about the big economic changes that the world is going through. It is about the designers and the manufacturers, but it is also about the users. It is a unique way of making sense of the world around us.” We’ve posted a few images and details below. Click Read More to view.

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Book Club Shoreditch

London’s East End welcomes a new meeting ground for cultural showcases, spontaneous dance parties and good food. The Book Club is an amazing eatery offering a full spectrum of dishes, coffee and drinks from morning until night. Open 7 days a week, the TBC crew is working hard to become a staple in their neighborhood. Boasting a spacious interior with clever design, the former Victorian Warehouse has been converted into an interesting hybrid. It effortlessly combines the best parts of a lounge, community hall and restaurant into once space. We recommend stopping by next time you’re in the East End. We posted a few photos and additional information below. Click Read More to view.

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liu bolin lost in art

Liu Bolin paints himself into sceneries that render him nearly invisible. It’s performance art captured through photography. And in each piece, Liu finds a way to embed larger messages. If you look closely – not just for Liu, but for what he’s suggesting – you’ll find a dialogue about relationships. The kind that highlight an individual’s interaction with society at large. For example, the Eli Klein Gallery makes the following point about the above image, “[Liu’s] Panda examines the Chinese newfound preoccupation with commercialism. It confronts the viewer with a palpable materialism, whereby the viewer can sense an infatuation with commodity that has recently supplanted many elements of traditional Chinese culture. Through the numerous identical stuffed pandas, Liu Bolin forces us to acknowledge the pull of material objects and the power that they wield in contemporary China.” You can see works like this and many others by Liu Bolin, from now until May 11, at the Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery in New York City. We posted additional information and a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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trip to japan

Mike Matas is a user interface designer and cofounder of Push Pop Press – the digital publishing company that worked with Al Gore to create the first full-length interactive book Our Choice. You might have seen his work profiled on sites like Cool Hunting. And late last year, he and his girlfriend traveled through Japan visiting Kyoto, Nara, Hakone and finally Tokyo. Along the way they snapped more than 4,000 photos and created an amazing stop motion video of the trip. Each moment is beautifully relayed in this entertaining and inspiring video. Click Read More to view.

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panama city

Our friend Nalden teamed up with the creative minds at Dough’Nut to shoot an incredible video of their trip to Panama. Commissioned by National Geographic, they were tasked with showing Panama’s vivid culture and one of its most interesting structures, the Panama Canal. They did an excellent job. The video captures the people, their spirit and the region in a way that compels you to visit. As Dough’Nut describes, “Panama is known for the Panama Canal, which allows the crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But this country has much more to offer than this intercontinental transport hub. It has an abundance of nature, culture and entertainment. And even though we were there for only 6 days, we were able to see a lot.” Click Read More to view this inspiring video.

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inside out jr

JR’s Inside Out Project is an inspiring movement empowering individuals to transform messages of personal identity into artwork. The participatory project encourages people to create their own installations by capturing images of their friends, family or people in their community. The idea is spreading fast and most recently Hugh Leeman and the Tenderloin Project teamed up to create a powerful installation on the corner of Ellis Street & Hyde in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Check out their short video describing the process. Click Read More to view.

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gmbh magazine shop

Independent publishing and print may be battle-scarred but it still puts up a good fight. One beaming ray of hope is GmbH. The premiere magazine shop recently reopened its doors at a new address in Glasgow on the ground floor of The Lighthouse. Stocking some of our favorite titles like Turning Pages, Transforming Space, Grafik, Mark, Creative Review, Icon and many others, this is a must see destination for magazine and book lovers. Blank Inside attended their opening event and took a few photos of the interior. Click Read More for a closer look.

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