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Places to See: Houston & Broadway's Pixelated Art

The pixelated romance between color and construction is on display at Broadway and Houston in New York City. The creators of Fulton Fence expanded their beautifying sensibilities to one of the most trafficked areas in the city. It’s a welcomed addition to the never-ending construction taking place at the busy intersection.

As we previously reported about Fulton, the project responds to the effects of development; in particular the visual pollution created by the presence of construction sites in small concentrated areas. The beautifying methods used on Fulton and now Houston are something we hope other cities will adopt. Click Read More for additional photos and information. Photos taken by MED44 & Mateo Pinto.

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Art & Culture: Mural of Astro Boy Made from Recycled Tickets

This is the coolest thing anyone could do with old train tickets. Talk about recycling for the arts! In the Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store volunteers used 138,000 recycled train tickets to form a 10 foot mural of anime superstar AstroBoy.

The art display marks the opening of Tokyo’s new Fukutoshin subway line. The subway line is an extension of sorts. It runs from Shibuya to Wako-shi through Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. In usual Tokyo fashion, the subways look fantastic and the design is very clean. Click Read More for additional information and photos of the Astro Boy mural.

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Places to See: San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum speaks boldly through design. Its futuristic and unique stylings suggest something more than mere aesthetics. They represent a museum’s efforts to look forward and focus on the overarching cultural impact of Judaism rather than its historical past alone.

Yesterday, the New York Times published an interesting article about the new museum. As they noted, “Daniel Libeskind – the lead architect – viewed San Francisco’s cultural freedom, curiosity and possibility as a source that inspired a far different museum than the Old World, which is haunted by the tragedies and traumas of the Jewish past – traumas evoked by Mr. Libeskind in three other Jewish-theme museums he has designed – in Berlin, Copenhagen and Osnabrück, Germany.” We found the article really interesting. Be sure to check it out. Click Read More for additional information.

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Local Events: Euro Cup 2008 & Adidas Art Installations

What a day of futbol! Romania ties France, and the Netherlands convincingly defeat Italy. The world’s eyes are pensively focused on Euro Cup 2008 being held in Switzerland and Austria. In celebration of the popular tournament, Adidas has two impressive installations on display.

At the Zurich Train Station, Adidas placed massive renditions of Europe’s favorite players – each standing 56 feet in height. Then outside of the Vienna Museum, Adidas placed 16 super sized futbol-boots with colorways inspired by the participating countries. The effusive atmosphere is one you don’t want to miss. If you’re not in Switzerland or Austria, don’t worry. Many local pubs, bars and restaurants are showing the games. For example, in New York City, Italian restaurant and winebar MANGIAMI will be broadcasting every game straight through to the finals! We’ve included their address and broadcasting schedule below. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Art & Culture: Hitozuki Talk Travel with Theme Magazine

Theme Magazine is a wonderful publication covering global avant-garde Asian culture. We’ve been loyal readers for a while and were excited when we found out they were including us in their travel issue.

Issue 14 is stocked with inspiring stories, ideas and photography. For example there is a great interview with art duo Hitozuki. Here’s a snippet from their website, “Kami & Sasu are not your typical domestic husband and wife; not only are they a world-renowned art team known as Hitotzuki (Sun and Moon), having shown in Asia, Europe and the States, they’re essentially world citizens who travel for the sake of generating art…” Be sure to check out the article online and look for their publication at your local book store.

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Places to See: Massive Tunnel under the Atlantic Complete!

Interactive art installations are our favorite kind. If you’re in New York or London you don’t want to miss this one. The Telectroscope by Paul St. George allows people in both cities to see one another in real time creating a wonderment of fantasy and technology. Sure you might be saying you do that all the time with Skype and Instant Messenger, but the story and design of this installation take you right back to grade school novels and times of an unconstrained imagination. The details and overall creative direction of this exhibit present all the things that one may find enjoyable through a chance meeting across the ocean.

As PSFK noted, there’s even a great story behind how the tunnel was conceived by Paul St. George’s grandfather. “Hardly anyone knows that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. In May 2008, more than a century after it was begun, the tunnel has finally been completed. An extraordinary optical device called a Telectroscope has been installed at both ends which miraculously allows people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa.” Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Places to See: Zero Energy Wall with Tons of Creative Energy

As time and attention race toward the Olympics, Beijing’s creative buzz grows louder and louder. From stadium architecture to exhibits hosted by Nike, the city boasts an impressive line-up of inspiration from both innovative and traditional sources. One of our favorite architectural attractions is GreenPix – a zero energy media wall by Simone Giostra and Partners.

The GreenPix project was built around the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing near the olympic stadiums. Standing as the largest LED display in the world, there is no doubt that the structure will attract many visitors. While the structure’s futuristic sensibilities intrigue us, its self-sufficient organic system impresses us. The LED panels harvest solar energy during the day and use it to illuminate the screen during the night. As Giostra states, “The Media Wall will provide the city of Beijing with its first venue dedicated to digital media art, while offering the most radical example of sustainable technology applied to an entire building’s envelope to date.” If you’re in Beijing this summer, be sure to check it out. Click Read More for photos, video and additional information.

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Featured in: WJS FEATURES / Categories: architecture, art & design, innovations

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