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shane vincent

For this week’s Snapshot we’re excited to present the brilliant photography of Shane Vincent. The moment we saw his work we got lost in the imagery. His unique approach to shooting cities caused a serious case of wanderlust. Hailing from London, we briefly caught up with the 20 year-old self taught photographer. He describes his beginnings as years of constant experimentation and practicing. Even though he’s tried different approaches, he’s confident that he’s barely scratched the surface of photography. As he describes, “My influences are mostly from films, old and new, so although essentially I’m just documenting, there is still an element of trying to create a cinematic image or whole mood and story from a still scene.” We have a few of his images listed below. Click Read More to view.

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virgin atlantic

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – the newly opened lounge at Newark International Airport – befits its namesake in the best way possible. Located airside, post security, it beckons travelers with recessed lighting and black lacquered walls. The entryway creates a marcasite effect similar to the setting on a sidewalk outside a ritzy afterhours boîte. Inside, soft ambient music plays a subtle backdrop to a landscape of passengers relaxing with their copies of the Financial Times or flipping through their iPads as they sip cups of tea. We recently visited Virgin Atlantic’s new clubhouse to experience their latest effort in making travel more comfortable.

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snapshot stockholm

Some of the greatest inspiration lands in our inbox. A few weeks ago, our friend Rashid Zakat sent a note about the fantastic work of photographer and graphic designer, Kristian Hjelle from Molde, Norway. After checking out Kristian’s site, Everyday Photos, we asked if he would be a part of our Snapshot Series. Fortunately, he obliged, and this remarkably talented 18 year old sent over an inspiring collection of images from a recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

The photos capture a quiet and emotive aspect of travel that we really enjoy. From window gazing, to the young girl peaking around the seat on the train, it’s a wonderful story of travel and its casual beauty. As Kristian describes, “Photography is my second creative output and has become a huge part of my life. I’m bringing my camera with me everywhere I go. Inspired by film photography and cinematography, I try to keep my images as honest as possible – even though I’m always looking to make them as interesting as possible through in-camera techniques and post-processing. In the end, I try to make the images reflect the situation as well as my emotions at the time.” Click Read More to view the series of photos.

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tadao cern cuba

We’re really excited to present this week’s Snapshot. Cuba comes to focus thanks to the thoughtful eye of Tadao Cern. The Lithuanian born photographer originally started his career in the field of architecture and decided a few years ago to give photography a try. As he tells us, “That changed everything! At the moment photography is my passion and my main job. But what I feel most excited about is knowing that there are many more things out there to try and I’ll do that soon too.” An adventurer and observer, we really enjoyed Tadao’s photos from Cuba. They capture everyday life and its casual beauty. We hope you enjoy them too. Click Read More to view.

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seoul paul kim

This week’s Snapshot comes courtesy of our friend Paul Kim. A consistent traveler and talented photographer, Kim sent over these incredible images from Seoul, Korea. Currently hailing from Australia, but a global citizen at heart, we asked him about his early beginnings as a photographer and traveler. He explains, “Being a bit of a film geek I originally studied Film Production but it wasn’t until years after that I realized my real interest was in still imagery and its emotive potential. Capturing life in its original and unhindered state came more naturally to me than directing people on camera. Then I started combining the two things I’m most passionate about – Travel and Photography. I’m a bit of a jet-setter and like to hop on a plane at least 1-2 times a year to a foreign soil.” We also asked Paul about his camera of choice and he replied, “I love traveling with my old Minolta circa 1980 film SLR.” We’ve posted his images of every-day Seoul below. Click Read More to view.

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eliot park

On wejetset you’ll find conversations about faraway places, like Dominique Negrón’s 6 month tour of Ecuador, or Anthony Smyrski’s photo essay of Japan. And lately, we’ve felt the urge to balance these stories with conversations about travel in the abstract. To us, the broad concept of travel is rooted in moments where there’s a perspective shift. Where nothing is taken for granted and everything feels new because it’s noticed. That’s why we’re excited to present our latest series entitled, Short Journeys. Part photo essay, part profile – each article highlights an interesting creative and the short journeys they take in both their professional and local spaces. First up, Eliot Park.

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Julien Mauve Nepal

Julien Mauve photographed the beautiful geography and people of Népal. The french web developer traveled there in 2011 and snapped an amazing series of images that are perfect for this week’s edition of Snapshot. Each image presents a different angle of the country’s charm and delivers a healthy dose of travel inspiration. It’s undeniable. You’ll want to visit immediately, so be prepared. We posted a few photos below. Click Read More to view.

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