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aggrenad hotel

Exposed concrete, sharp angles and peaking glass form a unique structure in the small fishing village of Geoje-si, South Korea. The Aggrenad by AND is a 3 story hotel boasting 5 beautiful suites, each with accompanying balconies that view the East Sea. Inside there’s a small café and other relaxing amenities that make this quiet town feel a little more like home. What we found most interesting about the hotel is its hyper-futuristic juxtaposition to the surrounding area’s traditional sensibilities. More and more we’re seeing eye-catching architecture used as an anchor to spawn development. For instance, in this case the Aggrenad is the first installment of several planned projects that will hopefully resurrect tourism in the area. Below, we’ve posted a few images. Click Read More to view.

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miss opo guest house porto

Portugal’s Miss Opo beautifully remixes your typical hotel stay. This intimate guesthouse is located in a historic part of Porto and is part café, bar, newsstand and shop offering three room studios and two room studios for overnight guests. It’s not your usual hotel. Its attention to detail and service is driven by their mission to introduce visitors to Portugal’s charismatic culture. As they describe it, “We believe that a house is what you feel, what you listen to, and learn in and, therefore, we don’t want to be stagnant. Our biggest aim is to give more dynamics to our space by working in partnership with galleries, artists and cultural institutions.” Check them out next time you’re in Porto. We posted a few images below.

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Kyoto Kokusai Hotel

Rooms are great canvases. Lately, we’ve noticed a growing trend where hotels invite designers, artists, and creatives to come in and remodel a series of rooms. Brands like Ace Hotel nicely execute this concept and continue to demonstrate how specialized rooms resonate with their guests. Another example is Kyoto’s Kokusai Hotel. They partnered with one of our favorite architectural firms, Kengo Kuma and Associates, to remodel two rooms. The outcome is beautiful. Kengo Kuma’s signature lines, clean application and overall easy sophistication beams from the remodeled rooms. Simplicity matched with comfort are just a few of the traits we found appealing about their work. We’ve posted a few images from the project below. Click Read More to view.

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plus one berlin

Offering a stylish alternative to your typical hotel stay, Plus One Berlin is a great example of how overnight accommodations are evolving. Located in the Kreuzkölln neighborhood of Berlin, Plus One pairs a beautiful and ecologically friendly studio apartment with the opportunity to be the ‘plus one’ of a knowledgeable local. As they explain, “Being a local’s Plus One you’re given a one-of-a-kind insight into Berlin life and can discover a side to the city that only locals see.” Nightly rates are reasonable and the room includes everything from WiFi to a Kitchenette with Fridge and more. Launching earlier this year, Plus One is taking bookings. We posted a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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conservatorium hotel

The Conservatorium Hotel adds a modern twist to Amsterdam’s museum district. Piero Lissoni and his team effortlessly fuse contemporary sensibilities with more traditional forms. It’s a perfect formula. There’s a real sense of comfort and style communicated by the details. For example, deep and oversized couches take residence next to their minimal and straight-lined counterparts. Or, notice the building’s historic architectural lines and how they blend with an array of glass walls and MC Escher styled staircases to create a relaxing and open atmosphere. It’s really well done, and that’s just the aesthetics. The Conservatorium prides itself on service. From its food to its in-house Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Center, visitors will leave feeling refreshed and energized for whatever is waiting for them after they leave. We’ve posted a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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hotel mama marseille

Fans of Philippe Starck will enjoy Mama Shelter, a new hotel located in the heart of France’s Marseille. Starck along with Serge Trigano and hotelier Michel Reybeir created Mama Shelter to be a comfortable, eclectic and memorable destination for visitors. In an interview with MocoLoco, Starck explains his perspective on Mama and its creative direction, “Mama Shelter is the heart of life, a place where people gather around a shared meal, a live band, and have unpredictable encounters.” Adorn with Starck’s usual flare, his colorful sensibilities are everywhere. From a pink 13 foot long foosball table, to an ornate octopus that greets visitors at the entrance, Mama Shelter is an expressive place balancing art with great service and all the amenities travelers have come to expect from a top notch boutique hotel. We’ve posted a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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wythe hotel

Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel joins the ever growing rank of sophisticated accommodations shaping New York neighborhoods. Located in an old Brooklyn factory on the waterfront, the Wythe boasts 72 rooms, an event space and the highly anticipated restaurant, Reynards. It’s a beautiful destination. Its developers wisely utilize pre-exisiting attributes from the 1901 cooperage creating an industrial atmosphere with a bit of nostalgia. You’ll find exposed beams, reclaimed wood and their iconic Hotel sign, which is collaged together from other old signs. They’re also working hard to pull in local artists by developing an onsite movie theater that will host independent films from Brooklyn filmmakers. Sure to be an exciting destination for visitors and locals meeting up with friends, we’re excited for the Wythe to make its mark on Brooklyn. Below you’ll find a few photos of the hotel. Click Read More to view.

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