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hong kong heritage museum

For 30 years the British Council collected an elaborate body of work from 1,650 artists who were all native to Britain. Armed with the mission to protect and promote the visual arts, the council is taking selected works from this collection on tour. Their most recent stop is at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum for an exhibit entitled Made in Britain featuring artists like Damien Hirst, Richard Wright, Sarah Lucas, Peter Diog and more. The show is on display until October 9, 2011. If you’re in the area we highly recommend checking it out. Click Read More for a closer look.

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While Apple and Spotify move your music to the cloud, they’re also leaving behind seas of neglected CDs. Artist Elise Morein and Clémence Eliard created a phenomenal installation at the Halle D’Aubervilliers in Paris entitled Waste Landscape. Together, with a team of dedicated volunteers, they organized and connected 65,000 CDs by hand to create a series of dunes or reflective waves. It looks beautiful, but it also reminds us how fast technology moves. Waste Landscape will be on show until September 10th. They have plans to take the exhibit around the world. At its conclusion they’re going to recycle the CDs into polycarbonate. Click Read More for a closer look.

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atelier olshinsky

Hailing from Vienna, Atelier Olschinsky is a multi-disciplinary design firm injecting a lot of beauty into the world. While looking through their portfolio we were struck by an impressive collection of images from China. Their casual approach to shooting everyday life inspires the wanderlust in us all. We posted a few images below, but you have to see the full collection. Not-to-mention their entire portfolio is full of work rooted in cities and travel, so be prepared to add them to your regularly visited bookmarks.

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swoon new orleans

We’re huge fans of Swoon’s work. Her depictions of women and children convey emotions that are both intense and calm at the same time. Whenever we see her work it really draws us in. Currently Swoon has an exhibition at The New Orleans Museum of Art. It’s on display until September 25th. There, they transformed the Great Hall to display Swoon’s large scale Thalassa. Named after the Greek goddess of the sea and inspired by the connection between New Orleans and the sea, the strategically positioned 20 foot installation hangs majestically from the ceiling. Its impact is heighten with multicolored fabric extending out from beneath to represent tentacles rising from the waters, making it seem as though she is floating over you. If you find yourself in New Orleans anytime soon we highly recommend visiting the exhibit.

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eastern southern africa

Public transportation is a reliable way to get the full experience of any place. The only thing better is walking or riding a bike. It’s spontaneous and it lets you experience a city like a local. So when we came across the photography of Dillon Marsh we had to share it. Over a two month period, Dillon and his girlfriend traveled from Nairobi to Cape Town strictly via public transportation. And while they did it, they photographed the entire experience. The end result is a beautiful collection of images providing the viewer with a taste of eastern and southern Africa. Click Read More to view a sample of Dillon’s images.

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yorkshire sculpture park

We were first introduced to the work of Barcelona’s Jaume Plensa when we visited Millenium Park in Chicago. The Crown Fountain is brilliant. The large faces, the reflecting pool, the summer – it all fell into place and his exhibit easily became a favorite of ours and many other park-goers. Now, Plensa makes his way to Wakefield, England to create a dreamscape exhibit for Yorkshire Park. His large scale sculptures are beautifully placed throughout the park adding a bit of surrealism to the area. Click Read More to view.

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philippine fashion

The world overlooks fashion & design emerging from Southeast Asia. But no longer, it’s time to pay closer attention to the region’s creative impact. For example, fourteen years into its existence, Philippine Fashion Week is gaining international momentum and developing its own unique imprint on the industry. The event occurs twice a year (May & October), and shows collections from both independent designers and larger brands.

We caught up with Victoria Herrera – model & journalist – to briefly discuss her observations at this year’s Fashion week. As she explains, “For local designers, inspiration stemmed from traditional Filipino costumes and fabrics, to island inspired aesthetics. There were European influences and some use of trendier cuts. I also saw smaller brands pushing to match the quality of bigger global retail giants. Each year the event grows and rises to meet international standards. One of the best ways to keep up with it is through sites like ”http://philippinefashion.tumblr.com" target="_blank">Philippine Fashion. It’s a photo blog designed to shed light on the event from a very intimate perspective. The blog highlights moments otherwise missed. From rehearsals to backstage moments, you get an insider’s look." Below we have a sample of images from this year’s fashion week, but be sure to check out Philippine Fashion for the full effect.

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