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Travel Solutions: Get a Jet Pack and Forget about Planes

Yesterday Yves Rossy strapped four jet turbines to his back and soared over the Swiss Alps as fans watched and got a sizeable peak into the future. The swiss inventor propelled himself at speeds greater than 180 miles an hour, dived, swerved and performed multiple loops demonstrating his ability to control the flying device. He even executed a perfect 360 degree roll.

For more then three years, Rossy has been working with partners to develop the jet pack. Constantly improving the device, the team continues to consider bigger challenges. Yesterday’s flight lasted a little more than five minutes. But he’s planning a longer flight this year that will take him across the English Channel (approximately 22 miles long). If you missed seeing some of the highlights, we have a video clip from one of his previous flights below. Click Read More to view. Also, as we plan to go see Ironman this weekend, Rossy’s developments spark a bit of excitement reminding us that super human travel may not be that far off for consumers.

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Local Culture: For the Love of the Game & Moscow

The last time I was in Moscow, I was there for a soccer tournament. We arrived one day before the coup d’etat against Gorbachev and left one day after the coup collapsed and Yeltsin became a household name. For the time we were there, communication home was shut down, there was little news about what was going on, and we were nervous about our own ability to leave the torn city, country and region. But, we still had soccer. The tournament continued and for the ninety minutes we were on the field everything was normal – even with tanks lining the streets.

There’s something magical about soccer, and there’s something even more magical about the global community’s love for the game. No matter what’s going on, once that whistle blows, the focus is the soccer pitch, the players and the game. On May 21, Manchester United plays Chelsea for the Champions League final in Moscow. The world will be watching and it’s reported that more than 50,000 fans will descend upon the city. If you’re one of the lucky travelers who will be attending the game, The Guardian recently put together a nice travel guide of six things to do while in the city. Be sure to check out the article here.

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Places to Shop: New Apple Store in Boston

As we move from city to city we enjoy visiting the local Apple stores. When we visited the Ginza store in Tokyo we thought that was huge. At the time it was one of their largest retail posts. Then we visited the Manhattan stores – massive. So based on their sizing trend, we weren’t surprised to hear that the upcoming Apple Store in Boston would be the largest to date. Designed as a gigantic glass cube, the four floor structure will surely become a must see destination among visitors and locals alike.

While reading about the Boston store we came across this interesting statistic posted by Gizmodo. “According to a store employee, it’s a good thing Boylston Street is so big: Apple estimates 1,500-2000 customers per hour will visit, which is more than 10 times the 160 per hour that the average store gets.” We’ve rarely seen an empty Apple store. In fact they’re usually packed with enthusiasts. So imagine what 1500 – 2000 customers per hour will look like… The Boston store is opening later this month. Be sure to check it out.

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Places to Shop: Alife Opens Tokyo Flagship Store

Alife jumps the pond and opens a new flagship store in Tokyo. Located within the fashion district of Harajuku, it adds to the long list of Tokyo’s distinctive retail destinations. In a short 10 years Alife built a strong brand. Their clean lines, great use of color and timeless creative direction anchored them among the rapidly changing landscape of fashion and streetwear. This recent expansion demonstrates the increasing growth and influence of the Alife brand.

Their minimal sensibilities have translated well within the new retail space. Opting for substance over flash, the store’s clean aesthetic points the consumer to the products with very little distraction. We’re excited for the store’s opening and look forward to the continuing expansion of the brand. Visit Alife next time you’re in Tokyo. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Places to See: Reichstag Dome Berlin

There are several approaches to architectural design. Some say good design starts with inspiration. Others say it starts with a question. Well known architect, Norman Foster and his team used a little of both when they began working on the Reichstag.

According to Foster, they sought to answer four questions: What is the significance of the Bundestag as a democratic forum? How do we demonstrate Reichstag’s commitment to public accessibility? How do we incorporate a sensitivity to history? And, how do we include a rigorous environmental agenda? One look at the dome and it appears Foster answered these issues by integrating a progressive ethos within the design of the Reichstag. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Places to See: Jeff Koons Exhibit at the Metropolitan

This weekend provides a great opportunity to visit Jeff Koons’ exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He currently has three pieces on display at the Met’s Cantor Rooftop Garden. The outdoor exhibit is enjoyable during this spring season. New York City’s sky-scape provides a wonderful backdrop for the works displayed.

Jeff Koons’ art has been displayed at the Moma, Whitney, Guggenheim, Tokyo Met and many others. Noted for his simple, yet thoughtful work, many have analyzed his pieces. Recently the New York Times suggested that there were perverse undertones wrapped in Koons’ simplicity. While others suggest that his works represents a nod to simpler youthful times. Either way, his pieces are interesting and merit visiting. Be sure to check them out – the exhibit runs until October 26, 2008. Click Read More for additional information and details.

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wejetset Reads: Culture + Travel Magazine

Culture + Travel is a hit here at the office. This new publication takes a refreshing look at how we move and experience life. They bill themselves as the magazine for people who love the arts and travel with a passion. One read through and you’ll quickly see how dedicated they are to this manifesto. From the clean layout and design to the editorial direction, they’ve carved out a neat and artful conversation despite the overwhelming din echoed from thousands of travel publications.

Next time you visit your local bookstore be sure to look for them. You won’t be disappointed. Their lastest issue is on newstands now. It’s entitled, “Japan: A Voyage to Art.” Click Read More for additional information.

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