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Local Events: Jose Parla in Genoa

One of our favorite artists, José Parlá, is opening an exhibit entitled Memory Documents in Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero located in Genoa, Italy. When we first saw Parla’s work, his striking color balance and effortless motion drew us in. We’ve been a fan ever since.

As Manon Slome from New York’s Chelsea Art Museum writes, “Parlá is fascinated with how the city constructs itself and functions as a palimpsest, upon which the experiences of those who pass through are materially inscribed on decaying walls. He sees the city as a vertical grid, from the bridges, to the streets, down to the subterranean warrens of train tunnels, pipes and wires connecting to people living life inside apartments. The construction of the city and the passing of time find their equivalent in the way he attacks a painting, how he sees the need to layer his surfaces the way the city itself is layered.” Parlá named this installation Memory Documents because his works become fragments of places he’s been. Click Read More for additional information about the exhibit.

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Places to Shop: Xocoa Barcelona

Exciting design and great chocolate make Xocoa a special place among the shops in Barcelona. With the usual flavors – dark, milk and white chocolate – you’ll also find a few eccentric offerings. Have you ever considered Ginseng, Green Tea or Saffron chocolate combinations? Maybe not, but one taste and you’ll be hooked.

Xocoa’s daring efforts don’t end with their flavor selection. Visually, the store’s clean displays and hyper-color packaged products provide stunning distinction and branding. You can’t miss it. We know several cities claim the title of World’s Chocolate Capital, but with stores like Xocoa, it appears Barcelona may be making a run for the top spot. Click Read More for additional information and photos of Xocoa, Barcelona.

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Travel Solutions: Finding Cybercafes

While traveling, finding a strong cup of coffee and a reliable internet connection can prove challenging. That’s where Cybercafes comes in. The online database listing over 4000 internet cafes in 141 countries offers a great solution for those looking for wifi and caffeine. Simply enter your city and the site delivers a listing of locations detailing their address, phone number and homepage. The phone number is especially useful if you want to call ahead to verify that everything is up and running before going. [spotted via]

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Places to See: Madrid's CaixaForum

Madrid’s new CaixaForum has all the elements we enjoy about progressive art museums. The fine details, the fearless approach to architecture and the innovative applications catch our attention every time. For example, pictured above is a section of the building’s moss covered exterior. The color balance and texture is a great contrast to the rest of the building’s industrial theme.

Designed by Swiss architects, Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron, CaixaForum completes Madrid’s art triangle that includes Prado and Reina Sofia & Thyssen Museums. The Forum will hold cinema screenings, concerts, conferences, debates and other art exhibits. Next time you visit the Spanish capital be sure to stop by. Until then, we have a few photos of the museum below…

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Places to Stay: ICEHOTEL

Some of my favorite memories stem from building snow forts with my dad. Chicago winters gave us a lot to work with and we were pretty good. We never knew it could be a profession. ICEHOTEL takes snow architecture to new levels. The Sweden based Art & Design Hotel, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, is one of the most beautiful hotels we’ve seen in recent memory.

Each year artists, architects and designers from all over converge in Jukkasjärvi to make ICEHOTEL. Using water and ice from the River Torne – which produces the clearest ice due to extremely cold temperatures and its unspoiled wilderness – they create a different interpretation of the hotel each winter. For instance, students from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm recently integrated various lighting installations in and around ICEHOTEL. The end result was stunning. Click Read More for additional information and photos from ICEHOTEL.

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Places to See: Beijing's Water Cube

Anticipation is building for the summer olympics in Beijing. As we get closer to the final date, the city’s attractions are reaching completion. We’re really impressed. The Olympics serve as a huge opportunity for tourism and it’s clear that China is pulling out all the stops for this one. First the Nest Stadium and now the Water Cube Aquatic Center. It looks beautiful.

Photographer Ben McMillan assembled a photo essay of the Water Cube. As seen on iconeye, “The Water Cube aquatic centre, designed by Australian-based PTW Architects with Arup, is next door to Herzog & de Meuron’s “nest” stadium.” Ben’s photo essay vividly captures the cube’s architectural life.

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Places to Stay: Hotel Everland

Hotel Everland is a work of art and a room with a view – literally. The one bedroom prefab hotel takes boutique hospitality in a new direction. Beyond its fantastic design, its mobility is what makes this endeavor so unique. Perched atop places like Palais de Tokyo France, it offers memorable experiences and new perspectives on some of our favorite destinations.

Designed by swiss duo Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, the hotel is one of a kind. In 2002 they were commissioned by Gianni Jetzer for an exhibition concept entitled Everland at the Swiss National Exhibition. Since then they’ve taken the structure to Yverdon, Switzerland, Lepzig, Germany and it now sits atop Palais de Tokyo (a modern contemporary museum) in France. It will reside there until the end of the year. Guests are permitted to stay for only one night and room rates range from 333 – 444 Euros. You can book your room online here. Click Read More for additional photos and information.

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