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wejetset audio: Five Alarm by Nikki Jean

Every trip is defined by something. Some are defined by food. Some are defined by people. Our last trip to Chicago was defined by music.

We had a solid arsenal of tunes for the trip. But the best by far was a track by Nikki Jean entitled Five Alarm. Many may know Nikki from her cameo on Lupe’s sophomore album – The Cool. From the moment we heard her voice we knew she had potential. Her sound was unique and skillful. And once we heard this track we became committed fans. To us she ranks right up there with Vinia Mojica. Press play to listen. It won’t disappoint. [Recommended by James Oyedijo]

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Places to See: Stuttgart's Porsche Museum

Over the past few years BMW and Mercedes set the pace for automotive museums with their architectural feats. But don’t count Porsche out. Much like car comparisons, each company took design risks to establish their uniqueness while articulating their tradition. For Porsche – the classic speedster – their futuristic ode to all things speed is a beautiful sight located in Stuttgart.

As iconeye reports: “The museum rears up in a triangular spiral, with the main bulk of the building raised off the ground on diagonal pilotis. From some angles it looks like a giant spoiler, seeming to make a literal nod to the speed-boosting feature of classic Porsche sports cars. However, Martin Josst, a partner at Delugan Meissl, says that wasn’t the intention. ‘A lot of people say it reminds them of a spoiler, but that wasn’t the analogy we wanted to make. The main idea is how do we enter the universe of Porsche?’” Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Global Affairs: The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen

In a recent study, the UN forecasts that the number of slum dwellers will double within the next 25 years. And, urban slums are the world’s fastest growing human habitat. In response to these findings there’s a fantastic exhibition taking place at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway entitled, The Places We Live. It’s a touring media installation communicating the various elements people endure while living in the world’s harshest slums. Jonas Bendiksen’s documentation is vivid, intimate and revealing. In partnership with the Nobel Peace Center, Bendiksen strives to spread poverty awareness through interviews and photography.

Here’s a brief description of the exhibit: “Life-size images and audio segments in the exhibition help create the experience of a personal encounter with the slum dwellers. Each slum is represented by one room, where all four walls are built out of rear-projection canvas. Each room contains a cycle displaying five households. For each one, a sound recording containing statements from the inhabitants is showered down from the overhead speakers. Between each display of a household, images and soundscapes of the outside environment surround the visitor.” Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Places to Stay: Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

Ace Hotel gets it. They design with longevity, tradition, substance and balance. By partnering with some of the best creatives, their unique place among hoteliers is solid. And this is largely because they’re diligent about making their brand smarter. Each hotel opening hits us with something cool and different. But in their effort to impress onlookers, they never lose the plot. They get it. Hospitality is their craft and they keep it really academic. That’s what separates them from the rest. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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wejetset audio: Monday Mornings with Shuggie Otis

Staring down a busy week, we selected the perfect tune for Monday morning commutes. Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis is an easy groove. Sonically warm and energetic, it’ll ride along as you navigate your way into the office.

In the summer of 77, the song was a huge hit when The Brothers Johnson covered it and sold millions. But we like Shuggie’s version. If you haven’t heard any of his music, definitely check out his album Inspiration Information. Until then, click play to listen below and enjoy. [Recommended by Taj Reid]

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Places to See: Joost Greenhouse in Melbourne

Bookmark City of Sound. It’s one of the the most consistent and well written sites in our newsfeed. The author, Dan Hill, is the mind behind Monocle Magazine’s website design and he’s also a well traveled observer capturing interesting and clever efforts in design, media, music and architecture.

Recently he wrote about Joost Greenhouse in Melbourne. The temporary exhibit built entirely from recycled and recyclable materials is a statement on sustainable design and innovation. Dan’s article provides a vivid look inside the project. Click Read More for additional information and a sampling of photos.

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Planes, Trains & Autos: Project Ruckus for the Customary

This winter wejetset is deconstructing their Honda Ruckus and rebuilding it. It’s a project we’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. We love the scooter. With approximately 80 miles to the gallon you can’t go wrong. Plus, city parking is a breeze. And, you can’t mention the Ruckus without discussing its industrial bare-bones design and chunky tires. It’s a classic.

While searching for some inspiration we came across the beauty pictured above. Jaime Rivera’s Ruckus Project is awesome. His great photography matched with a detailed parts-listing is just what we needed to get started. We’ve got a solid three months before the good weather hits, so there’s a lot of time for us to create something sharp. We’ll keep you updated as we make progress. Click Read More for additional photos and information.

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