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rgb cafe

Coffee and art collide at London’s Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes – an eccentrically named bar, cafe and exhibition space. The shop is named after a 1980’s bag and shoe wholesaler that once occupied their building in Shoreditch when the area was more industrial and less hotspot. Instead of gutting the place, they decided to keep the original sign hanging above the shop so people passing would remember the area’s past.

Currently, Jaguar Shoes is hosting a brilliant art installation entitled La Selva by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. Using an RGB effect, they layered intricate scenes that can only be seen through Red, Green or Blue color filters. La Selva is on view until September 21, 2011. Below we’ve posted a few images from the installation. Click Read More for a closer look.

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sampan restaurant

Philadelphia’s Sampan restaurant manifests a hypnotic appeal with its stunning architecture and tasty food. Offering Midtown Village something different, its menu serves modest sized plates of contemporary Asian cuisine. Shrimp dumplings, crab wonton, lobster gazpacho and roasted broccoli are just a few of the dishes that have our mouths watering. Dine al fresco or enjoy the interior’s comfortable and unpretentious environment. We highly recommend visiting Sampan next time your in Philadelphia. Click Read More for a closer look.

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simply sandwiches

We’re always on the hunt for a great lunch spot. Simply Sandwich pulled at our heart strings not only for their delicious food but also for their understated and captivating design. It’s more than its name conveys. Offering a variety of salads, sandwiches, bagels and pastries, there’s enough variation preventing customers from getting easily bored with the menu. Meals are healthy and pre-made options are ready when you have limited time and need a quick bite.

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pure fare

The irony of operating a travel site is that sometimes you discover amazing things in your own town. A few weeks ago, I decided to take a different route to work. It wasn’t a big change. I walked two blocks off my usual path. But as I was walking I stumbled upon Pure Fare. It’s a new coffee shop boasting great service and a terrific assortment of healthy food.

Inside, Pure Fare is softly lit and filled with the enchanting smell of fresh sandwiches and coffee-beans. If that doesn’t consume your full attention, the shop’s details also further its welcoming environment. Whether it’s the interior craftsmanship or subtle integration of technology (i.e., there are ipads on the wall to help customers keep track of calories) it’s evident that Pure Fare put a lot of thought into the execution of their product. It’s perfect for a quick bite to eat or a strong cup of coffee. Personally, I recommend their Mocha Soy Latte and Grilled Chicken Sandwich finessed with a ginger edamame spread. Visit their site for the full menu and be on the look out for the Pure Fare Food Truck coming soon. Maybe it’ll park outside our office. Below we’ve included a few photos for a closer look.

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alice in wonderland

Tokyo is a city of detail. Nothing is missed. Precision is definitely a priority and fans of the classic story by Lewis Carroll will appreciate the artful application of a new restaurant located in the Ginza district. Alice in Wonderland, by Fantastic Design Works, is a beautiful eatery for folks looking for a little whimsy and good food. No detail is overlooked. From waiters and waitresses in elaborate costumes to the eclectic interior design, young and old will enjoy the experience. Click Read More for a closer look.

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rigolo cafe

San Francisco’s Rigolo Café combines everything we love about the bay – fresh food, open space and an eye toward local. Plus, their owner Douglas Mathieux is determined to give each guest an authentic experience in French food and dining. Perfect for Sunday brunch with your family or a quick evening stop before you head out for the night. As they describe it, “Rigolo is a petit cafe amusant, or whimsical little cafe, catering to a hungry, discerning clientele who come in to relax and have fun while enjoying fresh delicious food at an affordable price.” Stop by next time you’re in San Francisco.

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starbucks b sides

Hiroshi Fujiwara adds his distinctive cool to Starbucks by renovating one of their most popular cafes in Harajuku, Tokyo. His talent for minimal design ushers in a modern aesthetic by tastefully combining industrial elements with more natural ones. The timing is perfect too. Just a few weeks ago, Starbucks dropped the name from its acclaimed logo and opted for a minimal icon-only reincarnation. Below we have a few photos from the interior of the Harajuku Cafe. Next time you’re in Tokyo check it out. Click Read More for additional information to view the photos.

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