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Candy scientists, conessiuers and kids-at-heart know the wonderful works of Papabubble. The curious candy shop offers an assortment of treats that masterfully delight in taste and beauty. Established in 2004, the Barcelona brand recently opened a new store in Yokohama, Japan. Designed by Yusuke Seki and Jaime Hayon, the duo created a shopping experience that is elegantly simple, interesting and convenient. By focusing attention on the craftsmanship of candy making the store has an inviting nature that entices you to try everything. We have a few photos of the shop and their candy making process below.

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the gourmet tea

Tea fanatics from all over the world are probably familiar with Gourmet Tea. The wildly popular brand is known for its signature bright colors and delicious range of organic blends. Recently they partnered with Brazilian architect Alan Chu to create a third location in Sao Paulo. It’s not your average space. Even though Alan and Gourmet have worked together on small spaces before, this one is next level. Instead of creating an enclosed cafe, they’ve updated the classic tea stand. The multi-colored box, fixed along the wall of a major shopping space, dynamically opens into a full service station. It’s a great use of space and ideal for visitors looking for a quick spot of tea. We’ve posted a few images below.

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amsterdam stork restaurant

A few good restaurants can revitalize a neighborhood. New York’s DUMBO Brooklyn has seen it, and more recently Amsterdam is trying to do the same thing. They commissioned a group of progressive architects and interior designers to help revitalize an industrial part of the waterfront. But instead of building a bunch of fancy buildings and hoping for the best, their team of architects and interior designers decided to jump start the process by creating a restaurant of their own. The firms Cube, Soluz and Interior Shock have come together to create Stork, one of Europe’s largest fish restaurants. Occupying a large portion of the 30,000 square foot revitalization, it’s an attractive magnet for other businesses to join in and help breath life back into this part of the neighborhood. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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noma food lab 3xn

Copenhagen is a quiet giant. When it comes to quality of life, the nordic city sits atop international ranking lists time and time again. Monocle Magazine named them the most liveable city. Health journals dubbed them the happiest place on earth. And for the last two years, Noma, the city’s prized eatery won the S. Pellegrino Award for best restaurant in the world. Some may even argue that the restaurant accolades are why they’re the happiest and most liveable city in the world. But in all seriousness Chef René Redzepi doesn’t take his titles lightly. His restaurant, which is situated on the ground floor of an 18th Century warehouse, is constantly working to push the envelope and create new ways to delight their customers. That’s why a regular kitchen wouldn’t suffice. They need a food lab. Located on the second floor, just above the restaurant, Noma’s Food Lab designed by 3XN_GXN is a haven for culinary creatives looking to explore new ways to prepare their imaginative dishes. We have a few images below. No wonder they’re the world’s best. Click Read More to view.

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selby coffee supreme

Over the years we’ve enjoyed the Selby’s food focused photography. Recently he visited Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand where his images capture a slice of caffeine heaven. The raw atmosphere, the bulky machines, the racks of cups, the coffee itself – it’s all there. You can practically smell the brew. As they describe it, “When coffee drinkers pick up a cup of Supreme coffee they have high expectations – so we try very hard to not disappoint them. Our approach is based on finding the best quality raw materials – the green beans – that we can obtain, and then roasting them carefully so that the entire inherent flavor potential comes through in the cup.” We’ve posted a few images below. Click Read More to view.

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Book Club Shoreditch

London’s East End welcomes a new meeting ground for cultural showcases, spontaneous dance parties and good food. The Book Club is an amazing eatery offering a full spectrum of dishes, coffee and drinks from morning until night. Open 7 days a week, the TBC crew is working hard to become a staple in their neighborhood. Boasting a spacious interior with clever design, the former Victorian Warehouse has been converted into an interesting hybrid. It effortlessly combines the best parts of a lounge, community hall and restaurant into once space. We recommend stopping by next time you’re in the East End. We posted a few photos and additional information below. Click Read More to view.

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Fitch & Shui is an exciting new brasserie located on the ground floor of Amsterdam’s World Trade Center. Named after two entrepreneurial pioneers, the restaurant has a versatile layout that serves as a comfortable hang-out and a full fledge sit-down restaurant. Whether you’re looking for an early morning espresso or a tasty dinner you can find both at this beautiful new eatery. We’ve posted a few photos below. Click Read More to view.

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