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black tower of light

A modern styled solution finds its way atop an architectural structure dating back to the late 1800s in Porto, Portugal. The classic Grande Porto Hotel partnered with architects Cremascoli, Okumura & Rodrigues to refurbish its traditional accommodations with something more modern. Many may wonder what that black tower like structure is. Well, it turns out the slate “tower” is a great solution for the hotel by creating more space which is being used for a workout gym and small bar.

We like how Arch Daily describes it: “Although we may sometimes be partial to additions that blend with the existing, this project strongly creates its own identity, as it is an estranged element.  It doesn’t attempt to fool the observer as an original part of the hotel, but rather embraces its place in this contemporary era to add a new architectural statement to the traditional.” Click Read More for additional information and visit Arch Daily for more photos.

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city enhancement

We really enjoyed Yatzer’s coverage of the Public Design Festival. Architects, Designers, Civic Engineers and Community Members submitted their best ideas for improving public spaces. It instantly reminded us of how important a city’s public space is. Over the next few months these areas will be flooded with tourists & city-dwellers alike. Check out the creative ideas submitted to the Festival. Each one does a great job beautifying and making public space more interesting. Click Read More for additional information and photos.

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Last week I saw a link for this on twitter and couldn’t resist posting it. We’ve all heard about Iceland’s volcano and its photos are aplenty. But this beautiful time-lapse captures EYJA in a way that I haven’t seen yet.

From the photographer, Sean Stiegemeier: “So I saw all of these mediocre pictures of that volcano in Iceland nobody can pronounce the name of, so I figured I should go and do better. But the flights to get over took forever as expected (somewhat). 4 days after leaving I finally made it, but the weather was terrible for another 4. Just before leaving it got pretty good for about a day and a half and this is what I managed to get…” Click Read More to view this brilliant time-lapse.

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fashion museum bath

Helmut Lang is the epitome of minimalist fashion design – so much so that his work could be overlooked or quickly passed over when browsing through clothes. But this is in no way an indication of the quality and craftsmanship of his work or the respect and influence he has had on designers and fashion enthusiasts. In an article by The Independent, Kay Barron, who is Grazia’s fashion news and features editor, says “He was the king of minimalism; him and Jil Sander. It was all about the power of the white shirt, and really going back to basics after the excess of the 1980s; after shoulder pads and extravagant dressing, it felt fresh.”

If you aren’t familiar with Lang’s design, then you’re in luck. As part of their Turn of the Century exhibit, which explores and celebrate how fashion has changed since the 18th century, the Bath Fashion Museum is showcasing over 20 pieces (circa 1997-2005) donated by Helmut Lang himself. The exhibit starts May 1. Click Read More for additional information.

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Moderna Museet Malmö

Written by Elsa Brown: Walk down the right street in Malmö, Sweden and you will find the motif of repeating brick architecture interrupted by a bright orange block. This perforated cube is the facade and outer shell of the new Moderna Museet contemporary art museum, designed by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter. The museum was installed in a defunct electric factory, and adapting the building to an exhibition space came with a set of strict requirements to meet climate and security standards for storing and displaying art. The architects’ solution was to create, “a building within a building, a contemporary addition within the existing shell.”

The orange extension holds a reception area, cafeteria and new upper gallery. Inside the museum is entirely white, including the floor on the entry level, which has been glazed to catch sunlight screened through the perforated front. View City Note.

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Written by Elsa Brown: Shelter is a community workspace for creative professionals that opened in Dubai in early 2009. The space facilitates a network of forward-thinking professionals and provides its members with an enviable work environment. This year, Shelter extends its reach to the nearby city of Sharjah, and is expanding its focus in the process. A new branch will open in the recently renovated Mahar Art Centre, with an emphasis on arts and education. While the Dubai site boasts a library, cinema, health food restaurant and garden, the Sharjah extension will feature a permanent exhibit space for local artwork, a gallery for rotating exhibitions and an in-house cafe.

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the workroom

We have a soft spot for community workspaces. There’s nothing like meeting new people and surrounding yourself with creatives to give you a dose of inspiration. And for the sewing enthusiasts, the Workroom may be the perfect place. Located in Toronto, the Workroom offers studio spaces equipped with Bernina and Bernette sewing machines, cutting tables, button pressers, an engraver and many other essential sewing tools. A studio space can be rented on an hourly basis for just 7 dollars. Additionally, the Workroom offers sewing and quilting classes and hosts free monthly gatherings with local designers. If you’re looking to improve your skills and get inspired, check them out.

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