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WJS NEWS: It’s been a fun week for team wejetset. Yesterday we told you about our Baggu Giveaway and today we have more news. We’re thrilled to announce City Notes Interactive – our first community-based feature. Over the past few months we worked hard to develop the project. It started as a conversation that transformed into a few sketches and ultimately evolved into something much bigger – a place we can all share our enthusiasm for travel and the world’s best cities…



View, Share, Save and Go – City Notes Interactive creates a visual pool of inspiration for urban enthusiasts and travelers. Our global community submits, shares and saves their favorite finds from all over the world. Join & submit a note today!


City Notes are organized in three main categories – People, Places & Events. Then within each of these categories, users can assign a more specific categorization – architecture, art & design, culture, film, food, hotels, innovations, etc. Use these categories to assist you in finding more specific inspiration for your travels. You can also list the notes by most recent, most popular or my favorites.

You’ll also notice that as you move your mouse over each note, a short descriptive blurb will rise over the photo. And, if you click the gridded square in the upper right corner of the note, a map will reveal itself. To see just one note at a time, click the desired note and it will take you to its permalink.

blurb map


How do I submit a note?

While viewing City Notes, click ‘Submit a Note’. A drop down menu will appear that requests the following:

Upload an Image: Select an image from your computer to upload for the note.
Description: Draft a brief description of the note (140 Characters Max.)
URL: Include a link to the source.
Location/Address: Please include the location or physical address of the note.
Select Type & Category: Click the appropriate categories that best apply to your note.

Once you’ve completed the drop down form, click Submit to send your note to our editorial staff for review.


What happens once I’ve submitted a note?

Once you’ve submitted a note, our editorial team reviews it. Please note that we reserve the right to decide which notes will be published. We typically publish notes on the hour, so if you don’t see your note right away, it may be scheduled for publishing later that day.

An ideal note has a compelling image, a concise informative description and a specific address or location. These attributes make the notes useful for our viewers and create the best community experience. Viewers should be visually inspired and have the ability to visit the noted location, area or event.


How do I select a note?

To select a note click the upper left hand corner of the note indicated by a color. Once selected, the note will become highlighted. You can select as many notes as you like.


Why would I want to select a note?

Selecting a note allows you to print, share, or email them.


How do I print a note?

Once you’ve selected the desired notes, click the print icon located in the upper right corner of the city notes screen. All notes you’ve selected will appear in a separate window optimized for printing. In this window you have the ability to enter extra information to personalize your selection. This print function is ideal for planning a trip.

For example, if you’re heading to Amsterdam and want a few suggestions, you can enter a search for Amsterdam, select the notes that come up and then print them.

How do I share a note?

Once you’ve selected the desired notes, click the share icon located in the upper right corner of the city notes screen. You’ll then have the option to share all the notes you’ve selected via twitter, delicious or facebook.

How do I email a note?

Once you’ve selected the desired notes, click the email icon located in the upper right corner of the city notes screen. All notes you’ve selected can be shared via email. In this section you can send a personalized message to accompany the link in the email.

What is ‘My Favorites’?

As you view city notes, you can save individual notes as favorites. All you have to do is click ‘Add to Favorites’ and it will be stored in your account. You can view your favorites anytime by clicking ‘My Favorites’ located in the upper left corner of the city notes screen, or by viewing ‘My Account’ located in the upper right corner in the black navigation bar.


How do I contact the wejetset editorial team if I have a question?

If you have any questions about your submission, please feel free to contact our editorial team at citynotes@wejetset.com

Thank you for joining our community.

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